Hansted Audio - Jadis I-35
Hansted Audio - Jadis
Hansted Audio - Jadis
Hansted Audio - Jadis
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Welcome to the Hansted Audio homepage.

Hansted Audio started almost 30 years ago as an Audio import and repair company. For over 20 years to this day, Hansted Audio has been the official Jadis distributor for the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Denmark.

The owner, Jesper Hansted, first visited the Jadis factory in Villedubert back in 1987. After a listening session he soon fell in love with these beautiful handcrafted tube amplifiers made by very skilled people in the Jadis factory in southwestern France.

Over the years Jesper Hansted has acquired unparalleled experience with all Jadis products, from the very first to the latest models.

If you have any questions regarding repair or maintenance of any Jadis product, Jesper Hansted remains available for advice and servicing.

Following an initial servicing appointment, you will receive a price quote within approximately 1 or 2 working days for approval, before any repair begins.

Please note it is not possible to give any price indication without first examining and testing the defective products in our high-tech lab.

For tube replacements or other minor repairs, we offer a special 1-day repair service for customers living far away from our facilities in Ouderkerk a/d Amstel, a small village just outside Amsterdam in Holland.
If you bring the defective unit in the morning, the unit will be ready for pick-up in the afternoon.

Please contact us in advance regarding this special service’s possibilities.

Hansted Audio also services many other High-End brands besides Jadis. Among others, we also count extensive years of experience with servicing Mark Levinson, Spectral, Holfi, Martin Logan, Classé Audio, Stellavox, Nagra, EMT, Studer, etc.

Please also look up our used products for sale under the “Occasions & Sales” section of our home page.
All our used products offered here have been carefully selected, thoroughly tested and are in the finest condition.

Please note only this welcome page is available in French, Danish or English.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Hansted Audio.

Happy listening !