BKS uit Denemarken

The BKS HYBRID 175 Supreme is made from selected materials. For example the side panels is made of 20 mm high gloss granite (Nero Africa as standard). Front- and rear panel is made of MDF plate laminated with 3mm high gloss acrylic plate. This combination secure a incredible “dead” enclosure (= non coloring of the sound), together with the trapeze-formed enclosure, it secures the best condition for the optimum sound reproduction. The choice of material and the form of the enclosure all together gives a very elegant design, that appeal to most people and their living rooms. The loudspeaker is a 2,5-way system, and the crossover network is a 1. order type (6 dB). We have chosen this kind of cross-over network, because it’s the simplest network which is phase linear and impulse-correct. Not to ruin the fundamental good qualities of crossover-network, we only use high-end components in the filter-network. In the high-pass section we only use capacitors from the high estimate “Mundorf MCap”, bypassed with a super-capacitor “MCap Supreme”, also from “Mundorf”. In the low-pass section we use “Cross-Coil” coils for the upper-bass (1200 Hz) and for the lower bass (500 Hz) and in the RC-circuit we also use “Mundorf MCap” capacitors together with a non-inductive power-resistors from B.I. Technologies.

The connection terminals gives you the opportunity for Bi-Wiring alternative Bi-Amping. The terminals are taking 4mm banana-plugs, spade-connectors or thick cables direct and because the gold-plated nuts are hexagonal, it gives you good opportunity to make a safe connection. In connection with the ribbon we have mounted a fuse. The fuse-holder has silvered contact surface to give the best connection.

The woofer are two 6,5″ super-units from VIFA, which takes care of the sound scale from below 35 Hz to the crossover point on 1200/500 Hz, where the ribbon of 980 mm (24 mm wide) takes over (made by BKS AUDIO). Because the ribbon is ultra-light, it secures a high-note reproduction far beyond the ability of the human ears. The ribbons bearing-foil is only 3 micron thick and made of a material that has good sound qualities and is heat-steady too. The ribbons supreme abillity to reproduce the high notes is caused of the incredible low diaphragm-weight in connection with the comparatively big diaphragm-area. Because the ribbon are fixed only in the top and bottom you won’t have any bad influence from the diaphragm-edge as you have from conventional dome-tweeters. Coming to the point where we are talking about detail abillity and distortion in the high notes area the ribbon is out of competition. If you use ribbons for the deep bass notes, they get very big and therefore very hard to handle and place in your living room. Furthermore they also have problems in the deep bass. We have chosen to use a more conventional woofer for lower midrange and the bass area, because it do it very well and on a far less place. To get two so different systems to work well together has always been known as a big problem, but we think we have managed to do it. We aren’t the only ones who think that, also many reviewers praise them for having a perfect seem-less integration of the ribbon and the conventional woofer.

So,- if you are for high-end sound and also want to have something nice to look at, you may consider to see and look after at the BKS loudspeakers.


BKS 175 Hybride speaker   

2 x 6,5″ woofers
Ribbons length: 980mm
Crossover frequency: 1200/500 Hz
6 dB’s phase linear and impulse correct crossover-network
Sensitivity: 91 dB/1W/1m
Weight: 78 kg each

                     Dimensions: (BxHxD) 33.5 x 175.0 x 38.8 cm


BKS 128 mk2 Hybride speaker.
Plays extremely open and with lots of details.6,5″ woofer
Ribbon length: 555mm
Crossover frequency: 1500 Hz
6 dB’s phase linear and impulse correct crossover-network

Sensitivity: 89 dB/1W/1m
Dimensions: (H x B x D): 128.2 x 25.6 x 31.0 cm
              Weight: 45 kg each