Hansted Audio is  importeur van Lindos Test and Measurement voor Nederland, Belgie, Luxembourg en Denemarken.

Snelle audiotest binnen handbereik.

De testset van Lindos staan bekend om hun kwaliteit en betrouwbaarheid en kunnen worden gebruikt om alles te testen, van Taperecorders, Cassetterecorders,

Versterkers, Draaitafels, CD-spelers, Luidsprekers, Computer-geluidskaarten, Satellietverbindingen   etc. etc.

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Lindos MS-20

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     Features Lindos MS-20

  • Measures level, frequency, phase, frequency and phase response, noise, distortion, crosstalk, path latency, headroom and wow & flutter.
  • Bright OLED display, with 180º viewing angle.
  • 4Hz to 40kHz digitally synthesised generator.
  • +19dBu out (balanced).
  • Precision two-channel level measurement with 0.01dB resolution.
  • Noise and distortion measurement with perceptually based weighting.
  • Lindos standard sequences for fast automatic testing.
  • Displays graphs of frequency and phase response, headroom and noise against time.
  • Internal flash memory storage of sequence results, user settings and presets.
  • Built-in stereo low-noise microphone preamps.
  • Serial computer interface for remote control.
  • Windows support software Lin4Win included.
  • Mains/rechargeable battery operation (15 hours) – with built-in charging.
  • Novel tilt-panel case.
  • UniSon interfaces for instant compatibility with both balanced professional and single-ended consumer levels.
  • Stereo PPM display with stereo gain controlled loop-through output.
  • Stereo headphone amp.


 LINDOS LA-100 = ( LA101 & LA102)

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Lindos LA102 Lindos LA-102 front
Lindos LA-102 Lindos LA-102 rear
Lindos LA101 Lindos LA-101 front
Lindos LA101 Lindos LA-101 rear


LA-100 19" rack mount  Lindos LA-100 19″ Rack mount


LA-100 set oud model  Lindos LA-100 ( oude bruine uitvoering )



De legendarische meetset Lindos LA-100 is te Upgraden met o.a Silver chassis,

nieuwe LCD’s met backlighting en nieuwe Firmware etc.

Vraag voor meer informatie.


     Features  Lindos LA-100

  • Measures Level, Frequency, Phase, Noise, Crosstalk, Distortion, Rumble, W&F
  • Used by engineering professionals world-wide-in both routine and mission-critical applications
  • Lindos standard test sequences for fast automatic testing
  • Fast auto-ranging with manual override
  • Low distortion synthesised oscillator
  • Fully floating 10, 75 & 600 Ω outputs
  • Graphical frequency response display
  • Pass/fail tolerance limits
  • Built in mains/rechargeable battery operation
  • Prints directly to Epson and HP compatible printers
  • Serial computer interface for remote control
  • Lin4win Windows support software for optional PC control
  • Back-lit LCD with high contrast & wide viewing angle
  • Optional carry cases for field use