California Audio Labs Aria Tube Analog CD Player for sale.

CD speler met buizen. 

Nieuw loopwerk en nieuwe buizen.

Afgeregeld en geheel getest.

Prijs € 1.000


Because of the revolutionary transformations in CD performance available through the inclusion of Waveshaping circuitry, California Audio Labs has been able to design a tube/solid-state hybrid CD player offering near Tempest performance at a greatly reduced price.

Called the Aria, this new CD player uses vacuum tubes in the most critical areas, thus retaining the foremost features which distinguish California Audio Labs CD players from all others.

Using the latest 16-bit, 4x over-sampling technology as the basis for the Aria, California Audio Labs has integrated tube analogue circuitry with an entirely new design. As with the Tempest II, the circuit operates in Class-A mode and the de-emphasis is passive.

Because of the inclusion of the Waveshaping circuitry, the Aria offers improved low level resolution, better imaging capabilities, and greater tonal accuracy.

Other details include separate power supplies for both the analogue and digital stages, carefully selected components from leading suppliers like Gold Aero, Sidereal and Tiffany, and the use of high quality linear-crystal cable, for internal wiring. The handsomely-styled Aria comes complete with built-in, full-function remote control.

The Aria will enable even greater numbers of music lovers to experience the benefits of Waveshaping and tube technology. It is the affordable state of the art.


Digital converter: TDA1541A, 16 bit, 4 x oversampling

CD Mechanism: CDM-2