Jadis Calliope CD Drive

Type CD Drive
Number of blocks 2
Dimensions 450X480X230mm
Weight 50Kg
Consumption 65W

3 digital outputs on regular connectors
special digital output on smb connectors
two digital fomats :
– native 16bit/44.1KHz
– src 24bit/96KHz

Power supply:
6 stabilysed independent power supply with two power transformers.

Jadis Calliope uses a decoupling by sub-chassis for CD drives that was developed by the father of Jadis and first implemented on the famous Jadis JD1.
With the Calliope, Jadis went even further… Individual components are decoupled from each other. Moreover, the drive is protected from mechanical and electrical undesired effects. There is no doubt that the Calliope is taking the most of the CD technology.
Analytical precision, rigorous tempo, thruthful timbre combined with high precision, expectional carftskill and unforgetable design, the Calliope was developed to extract the most or your favorite compact discs and bring you emotion during your listening sessions