Jadis JA30 MK2

Jadis JA30 mk2 & Jadis JPL mk2 Test

Perfectionists insist on monoblocks, The JA-30, a pure Class A  30 (45 watt KT 150 tubes) watt per side amplifier, is the most cost effective class A monoblock.

Each tube is protected by a fuse and is self-biased: even when the tubes are replaced, no adjustments are necessary.

Output tubes can be either 6CA7,6550, KT88 or KT120 or KT150, and the amp are designed to deliver full power at 15 Hz, making for extraordinary bass.

De bekendste mono-eindversterkers Jadis JA-30, met een vermogen van 30 / 45 watt in pure Klasse A.

Al 35 jaar in productie !!!


BIAS: Automatic BIAS – no adjustment

Input Impedance: 100 K Ohm

Bandwidth: 20 – 20000Hz @ 0 dB

Tubes: per channel

1 x ECC82 / 12AU7

1 x ECC83 / 12AX7

2 x 6CA7 – 6550C – KT88 – KT120 – KT150

Dimentions: 2 chassis each 46 x 21 x 21 cm.

Weight: 22 kg per mono amp.

Jadis JPLmkII & JA30mkII Award
Jadis JPL mkII & JA30 mkII Award



Type Monoblock power amplifier pure class A
Bias Automatic
Power up to 45W Class-A
Bandwidth 20Hz to 46KHz
Sensibility 0.5V
Number of blocks 2
Tubes list 4xKT88/KT120/6CA7/KT150, 2XECC82 / 2xECC83
Dimensions 46X21X21cm EACH
Weight 22Kg EACH
Consumption 125W EACH