Jadis Diapason

  • Jadis Diapason = Aluminium front
  • Jadis Diapason Luxe = Gouden front, connectoren en verchroomde transformatoren kappen.
  • Vermogen  : 2 x 20 W Klasse A/B         
  • BIAS: Manual ( regelbaar met LED)
  • Bandbreedte @ -3 dB : 20 Hz à 35 kHz
  • Eindbuizen : 4 x 6L6 
  • Stuurbuizen: 2 x ECC83 & 1 x ECC82
  • Luidspreker uitgangen : 4 & 8 ohms
  • Impedantie ingang  : > 100 kohms
  • Gevoeligheid : 100 mV
  • 6 ingangen  –  option USB A 
  • Afmetingen : 37 x 35 x 16.5 cm
  • Gewicht: 12 kg

    Diapason Luxe tube integrated amp


    The Jadis Diapason Deluxe Version Integrated Amplifier is an audiophile-quality stereo model that has been upgraded from the famous Jadis Diapason. It has the same features, but brings a new, more modern and more luxurious design, the chassis is made of the same material as the other Jadis Products ( non-magnetic stainless steel ) . The power and ouput transformers are hand made at the Jadis factory with the same process as for traditional  Jadis transformer but their conception is slightly different. The components are the same as the ones used in all Jadis products, only the connectors are different. They are mounted on a printed circuit for faster and easier assembly/maintenance in order to contain the costs.

    Jadis Diapason Luxe version : 6L6, ECC83 and ECC82 tubes

    Jadis France specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality tube electronics. Warm, lively, natural, the sound of Jadis amplifiers seduces tube lovers with its great richness. The Jadis Diapason Luxe is no exception to the rule with quality components and design, combining four 6L6 push-pull power tubes and three preamp tubes. It uses two ECC83 and ECC82 triodes to bring each of the six RCA inputs (CD player, computer, DAC, SACD player, etc.) a warm and natural tone. Combined with 6L6 power tubes, the Jadis Diapason Luxe Version amplifier offers an attractive and realistic sound. This configuration allows the Jadis Diapason Luxe to deliver 2 × 15 watts at 4 and 8 ohms.  The Diapason Luxe version tube int-amplifier can easily be associated with any type of speaker, and ideally with high sensitivity. The BAIS can be set easily with a flat screwdriver from the top of the unit, a range of LED shows when the BIAS is correct. Easy output impedance selection with 4 Ohms and 8 Ohms speaker output.