Jadis I-300

In the world of audiophiles, there is a purist group militating for simplicity in tube amplification systems focusing on the use of the tube designed in the early days of tube technology: the directly heated triodes of which the most famous is the 300B.


I300 is built around a simple 300B  push-pull without feedback which offers unequaled musicality of this tube.


After the preamplification using an ECC82, the signal feeds a phase inverter  (called Schmitt) followed by 6SN7 triodes sufficient to drive the 300B.

The power supply is another strong point. In addition to the fact that each stage has its own power supply, particular care has been taken with the 300Bs themselves.


As directly heated triodes, the heater is the cathode. This requires a very “clean” power supply with no less than seven separate power circuits.


As for all our devices, transformers are designed and manufactured in our workshop. The one dedicated to the power supply, uses a magnetic circuit EI M6X of a design which gives a very stable operation, without noise and with a reduced overheating.

The output ones use a double CV38 magnetic circuit built according to our standards. The I300 is the only integrated with such an output transformer.


A design mode that allows the device to appear much more powerful than its 10W may suggest!


As far as design is concerned, the I300 remains faithful to our range and has a compact design. The 2mm thick 304L chassis easily supports the weight of the other elements. For better comfort of use, it is equipped with a remote control.

Listening to the I300, it’s all about the accuracy, subtlety, and musicality of the 300B which magnifies your tracks. No doubt it will delight demanding audiophiles triode lovers!



Type Bias

Power Input/Output Bandwidth Sensitivity Tubes Dimensions

Weight Consumption

Integrated Amplifier with remote control Automatic

10W – Classe A

5 lines, 1 Bypass output, 2 loudspeakers outputs (for bi-wiring) 20Hz to 55kHz

4 x 300B, 2 x 6SN7, 3 x ECC82 40 x 40 x25,5 cm

200 VA