Jadis JA80 mk ll


Like almost all Jadis Amplifiers, the JA80’s are self-biasing and sport outstanding tube protection circuitry and fuses, with a LED for each tube to signal malfunctioning.

60 watts  (90 watt KT150 tubes) of Class A power per channel avoid any trace of crossover distortion and, with soft, graceful clipping, appear to deliver even more power.

Small wonder this extraordinary amp has become an audiophile classic.


2 x 60 /90 watt in Pure Klasse A

Bandbreedte: 20 – 20000Hz @ 0 dB
Load Impedance: Adjustable, 1,4,8,16 Ohms

BIAS: Automatic BIAS – No adjustable

Buizen: 2 x ECC82, 2 x ECC83, 8 x 6550C, KT120 of KT150.

Afmetingen: 58 x 26x 23 cm

Gewicht: 35 kg p/stuk

Al 35 jaar in productie !!!.

Download Jadis JA 80 mk ll test

Type Pure class A monoblock power amplifier
Bias Automatic
Power Up to 90 Watt Rms per channel
Bandwidth 20Hz to 27KHz
Sensibility 500 mV
Tubes list 8xKT150/KT120/KT88/6CA7/EL34, 2xECC82, 2xECC83
Dimensions 260 x 625 x 240 mm per block
Weight 35 Kg per block
Consumption 190 W each mono amplifier