NIEUW Jadis JS-2 Mk IV D/A-converter met USB.

Jadis JS2 MKIV

24 bits 192 kHz D/A processor met AKM DAC Chip en  buizen uitgang en gebalanceerde XLR uitgangen.


Bandwidth: 20Hz – 20kHz

Amplitude linearity: 0.05dB

Signal to noise: > 106dB

Channel separation: > 100dB Audio Output: 2V rms

Distortion: – 94dB

Resolution: 24dB

Maximal consumption: 45VA

Buizen: 4 x ECC82 / 12AU7

Led indicaties: Power On, 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz.

Ingangen: 1 x Chinch / RCA 75 Ohm SPIDF, 1 x XLR 110 Ohm, 1 x ST&T optisch, USB (Type B) – PCM 24 bits/384KHz

Analoog uitgangen:  2 x Cinch / RCA &  2 x XLR

Digitaal uitgang: 1 Chinch

Afmetingen: 45.5 x 12.5 x 29 cm.

Gewicht: 10kg

The Jadis Digital Analogue Converter JS2 Mk IV brings some improvement such as an USB input and Balanced XLR output.

The USB connector allow the Jadis JS2 Mk IV to be easily recognized by any computer without any particular drive installation.

Just like the Jadis JS1 Mk V, we use a completely symmetrical processing for the Digital part and for the analog signal as well which allows a more effective noise suppression.

This JS2 Mk IV gives a typical analog sound, warm but very dynamic with plenty of details.