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De legendarische meetset Lindos LA-100 is te Upgraden met o.a Silver chassis, nieuwe LCD’s met backlighting en nieuwe Firmware etc.

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Features  Lindos LA-100

  • Measures Level, Frequency, Phase, Noise, Crosstalk, Distortion, Rumble, W&F
  • Used by engineering professionals world-wide-in both routine and mission-critical applications
  • Lindos standard test sequences for fast automatic testing
  • Fast auto-ranging with manual override
  • Low distortion synthesised oscillator
  • Fully floating 10, 75 & 600 Ω outputs
  • Graphical frequency response display
  • Pass/fail tolerance limits
  • Built in mains/rechargeable battery operation
  • Prints directly to Epson and HP compatible printers
  • Serial computer interface for remote control
  • Lin4win Windows support software for optional PC control
  • Back-lit LCD with high contrast & wide viewing angle
  • Optional carry cases for field use