Ortofon T-2000 for sale

Moving-Coil Transformer

Ortofon T-2000 Hansted Audio
Ortofon T-2000 


The new T-2000 toroidal transformer has been designed to match the electrical characteristics of the MC 2000 moving coil cartridge.

It has extremely efficient shielding to reduce hum pick up and optimize channel separation, and it’s powerful mechanical construction keeps ringing and distortion levels at an absolute minimum.

The T-2000 uses silver for the windings and wires throughout the entire construction and this, coupled with the absence of a switch, ensures that signals are allowed to pass uncoloured through the unit.

Can be used with other cartridges in the 2 to 4 ohm range.


Type of unit: transformer

Pick up impedance: 3 ohm

Output loading: 47k ohm / 100pf

Frequency response: 8Hz to 100kHz

Phase linearity: +-10 degrees

Gain: 35dB

Channel balance: 0.2dB

Channel separation: 70dB

Transformer type: toroidal

Shielding: permalloy + soft iron

Dimensions: 58 x 118 x 180mm